Are you addicted to something that is causing concern for you, or for people around you? While substance abuse is one of the biggest reasons for developing an addiction, there are several other habits that can have a negative impact on your life as well. Be it alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, the internet, or even shopping; addiction to any of these can negatively affect your life. What makes things worse is that many individuals refuse to admit the fact that they are addicted to a specific drug or behaviour trait.

Momentary Pleasures can Sometimes Become a Recurring Issue
Addiction takes its roots in the pleasurable feeling that the human mind has in doing certain things. Alcohol, for example, gives you a drowsy feeling that the brain ‘likes’. While almost every individual consumes alcohol owing to this pleasure, there are some of us who simply can’t move on from it. For them, it can become a habit they simply can’t avoid as the brain yearns for it. Any such pleasure-inducing substance or activity can spell trouble for an individual as it is extremely difficult to ward-off the yearnings for the ‘high’ that it provides. But to face life again on your own terms, you need to get rid of any such habit that you think you might be addicted to.

Trust Psychotherapy to Help Get You Through
When an individual is addicted to something that is negatively impacting on their life as a whole, counselling can help them discover a new approach to life. Psychotherapy helps in realising your priorities and in the long run it also helps in the creation of valid goals that can help you come through. Here, at Counselling Central, we know what you might experience when quitting a specific addiction. We, therefore, have pre-planned therapies which are specifically implemented for different types of addiction. Some individuals may also experience anxiety when in the midst of the therapy, but we ensure that the counselling techniques take into account this potential ‘relapse’ phase as well.

A professional approach and a personal touch is what makes us effective. Addiction is a serious issue, and we believe that only a precise, supportive, friendly and motivational approach can help you get rid of it.
Act now. Get rid of addiction. Get rid of negativity. Rather, be addicted to the life you were always meant to live.

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