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Anger Management

Uncontrolled anger can be devastating for those people who experience it and for those around them. While it is completely normal to be angry at some point in time, some people might experience an ongoing inability to control their anger. It can often become their default setting when dealing with things. If you recognise this in yourself, you need to face this problem sooner rather than later.

Have You Forgotten the Virtue of Patience?
We are told that patience is a great virtue to have; that we should acquire a peaceful and stable state of mind. It can certainly help you tackle complicated situations more easily. However, when anger is your default this can be easier said than done. Anger can be extremely challenging to deal with and in moments of rage, you might even behave towards friends, loved ones or colleagues in an aggressive, unruly way, which you didn’t mean to. Momentarily, you might well find yourself short of any clarity of thought. Anger can also be a spontaneous and natural response to anything that’s displeasing. For this reason it can be tough for individuals to cope with anger issues, or even to admit there is a problem. They may constantly blame others for their angry reaction, or their situation. Anger can also trigger other conditions like high blood pressure and anxiety, amongst others. But that is just the physical impact it can have. There are other personal and inter-relational problems that might arise if your angry outbursts continue unabated.

A Calm Environment for Anger Management Counselling

At Counselling Central, we offer an understanding environment where you will be supported in dealing with these outbursts. We can help you to understand the root cause(s) of your anger, the triggers and thought processes that maintain it and work with you to counter them accordingly.

Anger Management Techniques

Here is a short video giving you a few tips and techniques that you can use today:

Counselling Central is the place to be to make peace with the inner turmoil that is causing your anger issues. We are ready to listen and support you on the journey away from anger. The NHS also provides steps on controlling your anger. Let go of any hesitation and get in touch with us. You will be pleasantly surprised by the warm, friendly and understanding methodology we use.

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