It’s OK to talk: Why celebrities are making the okay hand sign

Many men find it difficult to talk about mental health problems, which is something that needs to change. Just 38% of people accessing talking therapy services are male, but men account for 78% of recorded suicides in the UK, a truly shocking statistic.

Recently, thousands of people have posted photos of themselves making an ‘OK’ hand gesture on social media, accompanied by the hashtag ‘#ITSOKAYTOTALK’, but why?

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The healthiest ways to deal with stress

We all face stress in our lives from time to time, and it can sometimes be a positive force – for example, for keeping you safe from danger or helping you to complete work by an important deadline. But in other contexts, stress may be less than helpful.

This is why, here at Counselling Central, we thought we would list just some of the healthiest ways to lessen the stress that you may feel in your day-to-day life.

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Why Counselling Central?

You may have a very clear understanding of what your current difficulties are. You may also be feeling depressed, anxious or isolated and be unsure of what is causing these feelings. Whether you are
experiencing family issues, stress at work, anxiety, relationship problems, depression or any other difficulty or concern that is having a negative impact, we are here to help you through the more difficult times in life. We are warm, caring, experienced and qualified counsellors who help people make sense of difficult periods in life and
help prepare others with coping and management techniques for times ahead.

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Meet With Our Founder

Steven Lucas BSc (Hons) MBACP MNCS (Acc.) is a professional Counselling Psychotherapist. Steven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Diploma’s in Counselling, Abnormal Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As well as running clinics at two private practices in Northampton and Milton Keynes, Steven works as a senior lecturer in counselling psychotherapy for Chrysalis Courses at the University of Northampton Park Campus site. His role is to prepare other counsellors for private practice. Steven also spent seven years volunteering with Samaritans as Deputy Director for Volunteer Care.