Bedford Practice

Shaftesbury Clinic
Bedford Consulting Rooms, 4 Goldington Road, Bedford, MK40 3NF

Bedford, the county town of Bedfordshire, has long had more to offer than initially meets the eye – not least a rich history, the town’s name apparently deriving from the name of a Saxon chief called Beda. Bedford was a noted market town from the early Middle Ages and even boasted a large castle built by Henry I, subsequently destroyed in the early 13th century.

Today, Bedford remains a fascinating town, with attractions and amenities including the Victorian-designed Bedford Park, the Bedford Corn Exchange and the Bedford River Festival. No less significant, however, are its people, who we know well due to the presence of one of our clinics at 14 Shaftsbury Avenue in the town.

Receive assistance from our trained counsellors

As we especially realise here at Counselling Central, residents of Bedford and its environs have as much need as those living anywhere else in the United Kingdom for the best quality and most sensitively tailored therapy services, provided by qualified and experienced counsellors who they feel they can trust.

These are precisely the services that Counselling Central has provided for local residents since our establishment by professional counselling psychotherapist Steven Lucas. His combination of extensive therapeutic experience and a warm, caring and empathetic approach to his role is very much reflected in our broader counselling services, geared towards assisting those living in Bedford with any of a broad range of mental health problems.

Talk to our therapists about your concerns

Modern life can bring various obstacles to our personal fulfilment. You may currently be experiencing a great amount of stress and anxiety, or you may be depressed. You may be encountering difficulties with your relationships, or you may be undergoing an emotional crisis brought on by the loss of a relationship, marriage or loved one.

Our therapeutic services here at Counselling Central, delivered by fully qualified and ethical counselling psychotherapists and psychologists, can help you to turn your life around as a Bedford resident and begin feeling happiness once more. Simply contact us now about which of our services may be most suitable for your own situation, and to arrange a visit to our Bedford clinic.