Counsellor is a name given to a therapist who has training in counselling skills and theory, usually to diploma level. Counsellors normally work within, but are not limited to, a short to medium term model of therapy.

Psychotherapists undertake similar training to counsellors and will often work with longer term issues.
At Counselling Central, we work with both therapeutic approaches.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT looks at the way our thoughts can affect the way we feel and behave. The therapist will focus on your thought patterns and look at how they impact on your wellbeing. Negative thought patterns are challenged and reframed to encourage more positive feelings and behaviours. CBT is led by the counsellor and is usually six-ten sessions. Each session is clearly structured and the focus is on providing practical psychological solutions in the here and now.

Person Centred Counselling
Person Centred, or Client Centred, therapy is non directive. In other words, unlike CBT, it is client led. The role of the therapist is to offer three core conditions: Congruence, Unconditional Positive Regard and Empathy. Under these conditions the individual talks openly to the therapist who accepts them for who they are, listens intently without judgement and doesn’t offer their views or opinions. This gives the individual the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of their difficulties and the ability to change them where required.

Psychodynamic Counselling
Psychodynamic therapy looks at the early life experiences of the individual to help them better understand their difficulties in the here and now. How we deal with life can often be traced back to the values, principles and morals learned in childhood. By gaining a greater understanding of their early lives, individuals can look at more helpful ways of dealing with issues in the here and now. This is a particularly helpful model of counselling for people who are interested in deeper self-exploration.

At Counselling Central, we use all of these approaches in what is called integrative therapy.

Couples Counselling
Couples Counselling is a form of therapy designed for those who are in a relationship. The therapist will not take sides or tell the couple what to do. They will work with both parties to improve communication and address any issues within the relationship.

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