Are things in your life not running as smoothly as they could be? Are you stressed, or is fatigue getting the better of you? At Counselling Central, we can help you assess the issues that need to be resolved sooner rather than later. We work for you, and with you, to identify and address any difficulties you are experiencing.

Life is to be enjoyed, to be revelled in. Our state of mental wellbeing is an extremely significant part of our lives. Counselling, CBT and Psychotherapy can be effective for specific scenarios and we will help you deal with your issues in the best possible way.

The therapies we provide are designed to help you cope with and address any problems that you might be facing. Be it a challenging phase in your marital relationship, or a professional problem that seems unsolvable to you, we will provide a calm and safe environment in which to work through your difficulties.

Let us help you Deal with Stress and Other Psychological Issues
Is the fact that you hardly ever take a break from your hectic schedule one of the reasons why certain things in life seem more complicated than they really are? If you spend a lot of time and energy running around for others without making enough time for yourself, various psychological issues can arise. Stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression, loss and bereavement, anger, and addiction might just be some of the issues troubling you. We know how difficult it can be to deal with such problems. But rather than lose hope, consider professional help through counselling. If you are suppressing these issues, you need to act now and seek help to cope with them as soon as possible. At Counselling Central you will be treated by a therapist recognised by renowned Psychotherapy and Counselling Societies.

… Or Attend a Counselling Session to Deal with Relationship Issues.
If you are going through a phase in your life wherein things don’t seem as smooth between you and your partner, counselling sessions can help you both to work through your issues and discover a positive way forward. You can be completely open in the counselling sessions and we promise to listen. The sessions are designed with you in mind, your traits and needs as individuals and as a couple, and that is the reason they can help.

Life isn’t rocket science. In fact it’s rather simple. We hope you will come to recognise this during your sessions. Get over to us – let us untie the knots, let us help you to simplify things.