Loss and Bereavement

There will be times when we have to cope with the loss of someone dear to us. Sadness after the loss of someone, or something significant in our lives can feel extremely difficult to cope with. While it is a natural response for us to be sad, grief also includes a number of other emotions such as: shock, anger, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. At Counselling Central, we understand that loss is a very individual experience and that each person comes to terms with it differently.

It is a Normal Human Response to Grieve
It is completely natural for us to seek intimate relationships with others; to love and feel truly connected to someone or something. When we lose a loved one from our lives it can be heartbreaking and painful. We may find ourselves desperately wanting to be reunited with that person, or struggling to accept that they are really gone. We may not want to say goodbye. The moments spent with the person we have lost might come to mind over and over again causing pain and upset. The future may seem daunting without them making it difficult to function in the here and now. We may also experience loss in other aspects of our lives, such as our own feelings of self worth, our confidence or perhaps even a business we have developed. Our minds may be spontaneously filled with sadness and grief. Depression and anger might become a part of our daily lives.

A Warm, Homely Counselling Technique to Deal with Loss and Bereavement
Loss in itself may be momentary, but it can be extremely difficult to cope with in the long term. At Counselling Central, we have extensive experience of working with individuals who feel devastated by the grief of losing someone they love. We won’t tell you how you should feel. Our aim is to listen to you, help you make sense of your feelings, come to terms with the loss, develop ways of coping and prepare you for potentially difficult times ahead. Whatever the reason for your loss, contact us now. We are at locations in Milton Keynes and Northampton. Contact the branch closest to you to see what help we can offer you.