“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so understood.”


“A very professional but relaxed approach to therapy, which was just what I needed…. I was seen very quickly after my initial contact.”


“I didn’t think I’d even be able to speak, let alone begin to explain my difficulties. Thank you for making me feel completely comfortable.”


“I felt completely alone with my stress and anxiety, yet you were so accepting of me and everything I was going through. Thank you so much for helping me through the darkest time of my life."


“Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again.”


“I found it easy to judge people with mental health problems but after experiencing panic attacks it’s changed my opinion completely. Heartfelt thanks for helping me come through them.”


“When a friend recommended Steven to me I felt a little sceptical about the whole idea of counselling, but he put me at ease right away.”


“Thank you for being so professional and so supportive. I honestly don’t think my relationship would have survived if we hadn’t come to see you.”


“You have given me the strength to look deeply inside myself and to finally start to feel less critical of myself.”


“Before my sessions with you, I was constantly sabotaging every effort to live the life I wanted to. You helped me to realise this wasn’t something hard-wired and incurable, but something I had the power to change. Thank you for your invaluable insight and for helping me make the changes I needed to.”


“For me it was a massive step to contact you and admit that I needed some help and guidance. I’m so glad I did because I no longer feel like my life is completely out of control.”