Most Anxiety Originates from Fear
Have you ever felt worried about going to the dentist, a job interview or taking an exam? You are not alone. These are all examples of anxiety producing events and at times like these it’s perfectly normal to feel worried or anxious. However, there can also be times when we over think things and find it difficult to control our anxiety.

How Anxiety Snowballs
Anxiety can produce feelings of unease, fear or worry leading to a negative internal dialogue called ‘Catastrophising’. At this point we can become fixated on a particular worry and not feel able to let it go, building the situation up into something far more serious than it is. Our fight or flight system will be initiated to help protect us from the imminent danger and this will lead to symptoms such as tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, sweaty palms shaking hands and a racing heart. It may even lead to panic attacks. At this point you may be tempted to withdraw from the situation thinking this will help and short term it can. Long term you may switch your feelings of unease and catastrophic thinking to other situations, eventually withdrawing from them and thereby slowly isolating yourself. This can lead to further anxiety and eventually low mood.

You are probably very scared of what anxiety feels like. This video below explains what having anxiety can feel like in your body:

How Can We Help You With Anxiety?
You may have a good understanding of what is making you feel anxious or you may be unsure of why you feel this way. At Counselling Central, we understand that anxiety can be frightening, upsetting and limiting. We aim to support you in understanding and treating your anxiety by listening to your experiences and discussing coping strategies to help you manage your symptoms. We will also look at the origins of any anxious thoughts and feelings to help you alleviate their effects in the long term. Whatever the reason for your anxiety, contact us now in complete confidence.