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What is Stress?
Stress occurs when we can’t deal with the pressures we are under, whether they are real or perceived. It can be triggered by any number of events such as expectations at work or relationship difficulties. The body, believing it is under some form of attack, produces adrenalin in what is referred to as a ‘fight or flight’ response. At this point we can be jumpy, irritable, short of breath, trembling and our normal ability to think clearly and rationally is impaired.

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A Fight or flight Response Can Be Life Saving
At some point in our evolution we developed the fight or flight mechanism to help protect us against predators. At the moment we faced these predators our bodies would automatically override our rational and logical thoughts and release adrenalin, giving precedence to physical functions such as our muscles to fight or run away. Our bodies would then operate at this intensity for a short period of time until the danger had passed.

The Downside of Fight or Flight
Although our chances of survival are greatly increased, there can be a downside in more modern times. Fight or flight can also be triggered by perceived threats to our safety and survival, so situations such as pressures from our manager, disagreements with family or friends and the demands of our children can all potentially initiate it. The more we are in this mode the more threatening and dangerous the world can appear. This can lead to longer term issues such as poor sleep and difficulties with mood and temperament.

What is the Difference between Stress and Anxiety?
With stress we generally have a good idea of what is worrying us; work pressures, paying a large utility bill or a long task list. With anxiety we may not have a full understanding of what exactly is concerning us. In effect, we can become anxious about being anxious.

What Can We Do To Help?
At Counselling Central, we understand how worrying stress can be for you and the people who care about you. We will discuss coping strategies to help you manage your stress levels more effectively and look at ways to alleviate the different pressures in your life going forward. You don’t have to be alone in dealing with stress.

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Counselling Central helps individuals deal with stress and lead a more coherent life without dubious thoughts or worries. Contact us now to make an appointment and discuss issues related to stress in Milton Keynes and Northampton.